Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Earth angel, earth angel, would you be mine?

So I am very into songs and sayings as inspiration in my creations lately.  I love how such a simple statement or few words can convey different thoughts or memories in every person that sees it. 

Today I would like to share my newest babies, my "earth angels."  I recently went to an architectural salvage auction and scored over FIFTY architectural pediments!  I absolutely love these things.  Decorating the outside facade of old buildings, each piece reveals such history with all the dings and distress in the wood.  I love all the chipped paint, the ornate carvings and uniqueness in each and every one. 

Most of my mixed media works like my windows are always on such a grand scale, it is sometimes nice to work from a smaller base.  I decided to make 10 of these fellas for my recent art show and they were a very popular item.  I only have a few left, so I am thinking I will save 2 of them for my Jack & Sam.  What a sweet keepsake for them.  Knowing that their mama created them will make them extra special for years to come.  Even though they can be little monsters most of the time, they are definitely my little earth angels.  :)

As for the details on these pediments, I will give you a quick run down on how I created them.  Basically I took the pediments in their worn state and stamped a newsprint background using black Staz-on for a bit of a grungy look.  Next, I found these small globes that I sawed in half.  This had to be the hardest part of the project.  Have you ever tried to saw through a resin ball using a coping saw?  Let me just tell you, it is no fun!  Next, I painted a fun robin egg blue color on the alternating bands for added interest and a pop of color.  After sealing the globe with polyeurethane, it was ready to glue onto the pediment.  Next, I needed to find a way to adhere my wonderful vintage wings to the globe.  As you have seen in many of my projects before, I LOVE using these wings.  They are so unusual.  So unusual, I am sad to say there are no more to be found.  I originally scored 20 of them at an estate sale about a year ago and can officially say, I have finally used every single one!  I got in touch with the daugher about the wings and she says her mother used to create them in the early 50's out of liquid composition.  Unfortunately I have searched all over the internet trying to find such a mold or the rubber composition she spoke of with no success.  So, if any of you know where I could find it I will be happy to compensate you nicely!

I digress I know, but back to the details...
I decided to split the wings down the center and affixed them onto the wood using E600.  Totally toxic, but definitely has a super strong hold.  Next, I grouted around the globe and wings to accentuate the dimension.

To finish, I did lots of brainstorming for different phrases or words to add at the bottom.  Once the words "earth angel" rolled off my tongue, I knew that was it!  Not only do you think of the old doo wop hit from the Penguins, but it also makes me think of people in this world that are truly angels on earth.  Whether it is those special people in my life that I love, or simply a person that is all about saving our planet, they all evoke happy thoughts.

The letters are all from vintage games...scrabble, anagrams & keyword.   The fabulous plaster letters came from a vintage art deco movie titling kit.  Truly vintage and so rare, I love this stuff!


Norma Gomez said...

These are gorgeous! I can see why they were a big hit at your show :D

Anonymous said...

So awesome!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwww!! These are AMAZING!!! I loveeeeeeeee the globes and the wings!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

Unknown said...

This is way cool! Happy December!

Sandy xox

Unknown said...

Very sweet "Earth angel", liked your theme and concept a lot. Finishing of layouts is also awesome. Made it overall beautiful.

luckys said...

Great article . Extremely helpful .