Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All About Me Banner & New Paper Issues Theme!

Sam came home from school the other day with a big white piece of paper shaped like a banner. His teacher sent it home for him to create "an all about me" banner to be hung up in his classroom for the entire year. The teacher also said that it was to be completed with the help of parents and could be as simple or elaborate as we wanted. As soon as I saw that parents were to help and that it could be elaborate, of course I saw that as a green light to get creative. I had to keep in mind that Sam is only in Kindergarten and is still very much trying to learn his ABC's, let alone write each and every letter. I wanted to create with Sam but also using it as a tool to help him practice his writing and hand control with cutting and coloring.

To create the banner, we started with the white 12X18" base. Digging through my stash, I came accross some cool Cavallini file folders that repeat the alphabet over and over in rich, warm colors. I opened it up and it fit perfectly into the banner shape. All I had to do was cut the triangle at the bottom and staple it on. Next, I gave Sam some vellum and had him trace the entire alphabet once in pencil and then again in Sharpie. I punched each letter out with a 1/2" hole punch and randomly placed them directly onto the folder. I cut Sam's name out using the Cindy Loo Cricut Cartridge. The black cardstock worked perfectly to emulate a chalkboard. I gave sam a white oil pastel to color in his name. It shows up so well against the black. We then decided to go through pictures that show who Sam is, and what he loves. We chose 10 different pics to represent his love of swimming, his birthday, Halloween/candy, his brother, catching frogs, hats, his dog Murphy, going on trips/hotels/cabins, his I-touch/music, and IHOP! I printed them at 1" and foam mounted them to create some dimension. Sam loves helping me with those foam dots, I always seem to find them stuck to walls, doors and anything else he can get his hands on. :) I cut a few white squares and had Sam draw with his favorite color red a smiley face and the number 5 to represent his age. The last part was creating the ribbon to tie it all together. I printed and cut a photo of Sam on his first day of school. Then I drew a circle and had Sam cut it out in yellow stripe and red. I cut all around the edges to give it a fringed appearance. We took some MME Lost & Found II striped paper and stamped all the things that represent each photo. I had Sam help me find all the letter stamps to spell out the words. That was probably the most timely process of all. Sam picked out some ribbon, we added the "I am" and the shiny heart for the finishing touch. Sam was so proud of it, he was so excited to bring it to his teacher. For photographing purposes, I hung the banner using a vintage wooden pant hanger. I found and purchased 18 of them at an estate sale last weekend for $0.25 a piece. Score! I think I will be incorporating them into future projects. :)

Now onto the Paper Issues Theme! This week's theme is "Apple for the Teacher." There are some crazy cute projects that have already been linked up. Be sure to check out the blog hop as well. There is an amazing "FITkit" up for grabs so it is a win-win for you to stop by. Until next time! Amy

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School!

Last Wednesday was the 1st day back to school for my little guys. Jack started 3rd grade and it was particularly special for Sam as he started all day Kindergarten. I had been dreading that day ever since my kids were babies. Knowing that someday both my babies would be in school all day, no longer at home with mama to keep me company and share special times with....the thought of it just made me sad. I am proud to report that I didn't cry in front of Sam at all. He was nervous but he held it together and was a big boy. After I left the school, it hit me about 30 minutes later. It wasn't only that I would miss them being underfoot, it was recalling special memories of when they were just infants. Time goes by way too fast. I know, I know, I better suck it up and accept the fact that there will be many more goodbyes along the way. Like when they turn 18 and move away for college? I try not to think about it too much. :)

Anyways, the boys wanted to cheer me up by making me something special that I could look at every day while they are at school and be reminded of them. Thanks to Jenni over at the Vintage Umbrella, she shared a wonderful painted canvas that was so cute and easy for my boys to do. It seriously only took them about an hour from start to finish, and they turned out beautifully. Of course Jack is my deep thinker. His says, "Your love reaches all the way to my heart." Sam's says, "I love you so much & I will miss you when I'm at school." Pretty much straight and to the point isn't it? :)

As I said, they started back to school last week so I have had 4 days without them here and I am starting to settle into a routine. During the day I plan to get lots of stuff accomplished so that I can make time for fun when the boys get home. I have the best memories of arriving home from school as a child with a delicious snack waiting and the warm, beautiful smile of my mother anxiously awaiting my return. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paper Source Owl Mosaic & Giveaway Winner!

It's about time I share one of my newest mosaic creations, Hoot #2. Awhile back I shared my first owl window, and couldn't resist making a newer version using the ever popular owl paper at Paper Source. That place has to be the coolest store ever. I live in Oklahoma and the closest one to me is 3.5 hours away. Every time I go to Dallas, Paper Source is at the top of my destination list!

A few days ago, I logged into Facebook and was pleasantly surprised that Paper Source featured my owl window on their page as well as on their blog! Talk about one happy girl, I have been on cloud 9 ever since. :) As I am sure the rest of you are, sometimes it is nice to get recognition for your work. It definitely gives me incentive and drive to create more!

As for the window, the owl mosaic is completely created from vintage plates, a Bella Blvd flower, a vintage bingo marker and copper wire for the legs. I love the patterns in these plates, especially the harvest gold/brown ones. Don't they mimic the feathers on the owl's belly perfectly? :)
Now onto the Giveaway...the winner of the Cricut August 2012 magazine and my very first publication is...Sabrina Alery! Congrats Sabrina! Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments, and for following my blog! I appreciate you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Very First Publication & A Giveaway!

Would someone please pinch me? I can't believe it when I see it, but I actually have my very first project in an actual magazine! Early in the year a made a gift for a dear friend's daughter. Since I adored the way it turned out, I decided to submit it to a magazine. What did I have to lose? I am not one who ever submits to magazines, not really sure why. Maybe it is the fear of rejection? Or simply procrastination? Who knows. Let me just tell you, when I received the request of submission for my project, I was ecstatic! That was many months ago, and ever since I have anxiously awaited its arrival. On August 1st I went to my local bookstore and there it was, shining in all it's glory! :)

To celebrate this big accomplishment for myself, I would like to celebrate with you and give a signed copy away to one of my wonderful readers! It is the Northridge Media Cricut Magazine for August 2012! This magazine is full of wonderful creations that I am sure you will enjoy. To be eligible, all you need to do is make sure you leave a comment and follow my blog. Simple as that!

Be sure to stay tuned as I unveil my 2nd project chosen for publication on September 1!

I hope you all have a pleasant evening, and thanks for stopping by! :)