Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Tough Titty Said the Kitty...

...but the milk's still good."  Thinking back to your childhood, did you ever hear your mom or grandmother say this phrase?  I sure did.  Usually expressed when one of us grandkids was throwing a temper tantrum or things just simply weren't going our way. 
Awhile back I saw this vintage style Cavallini cat paper and thought it would be lots of fun to work with.  Not so much the cat lover myself as I am allergic to the fur, I knew there are many cat people out there who would be all about this.  Wanting something simple yet bold, just the words "TOUGH titty" was perfect.  Initially I was hesitant to create this window, wondering if it might be offensive or distasteful to some.  Apparently I was wrong.  I made this window, and it was a hit.  I sold it right away, and had many prints of it that sold as well.  Since it was very well received and evoked memories of past for many, I know that this is a window I plan to create again.  In fact, I plan on making and having one of these for sale at the upcoming Junk Hippy Show OKC on June 14.  In addition to an original and 8X10 prints, I will have greeting cards of this design as well.
Let this window be a lesson for me.  As an artist, sometimes you have to take chances; for the chances are usually the most successful creations.
Speaking of cats, Paper Issues has a fun challenge going on right now, "It's Raining Cats & Dogs."  What a fun theme to play along with!  If you have any layouts, cards, etc that involve cats and dogs and include paper, why not share?!?
Have a great one!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


As stated in the dictionary, this fabulous word is defined as follows...
wan·der·lust  [ wóndər lùst ]   a strong desire to travel
With summer vacation just a mere few weeks away, there is no better time than to share this window of mine with all of you.  I created this window completely inspired by the original lithographed map in the background.  Found at an estate sale, I knew I had to have it.  The rich aqua in the print is stunning, along with all the signs of age in the water stains, tears, etc.  The best part:  they had 3 of these maps rolled up and tucked away in a corner.  Talk about a fabulous find for me!  Going through my rather large stash of vintage windows, I found one that fit it almost perfectly.  The overall dimensions of the window itself are appx 40" wide X 30" tall.  As you can see, this window is rather massive to say the least.  As for the word "wanderlust"  I chose it because of the magical feel to it.  It sounds so whimsical. 
Right now hand lettering and script fonts are all the rage.  I have always had pretty decent penmanship, so I decided to hand write it rather loosely.  Surprisingly enough, I liked the overall look and I created it within the framed space pretty effortlessly.  As for the mosaic tile on top, I painstakingly cut every single piece to create the overall design just so.  It took many hours, and there are close to 1,000 tiles on there!  Lastly, I applied and "carved" out the mocha colored grout in my signature style. 
Although this window has already sold, I am currently creating another one just in time for my next show in June, JUNK HIPPY ROADSHOW.
Since I am such a fan of recycling and upcyling with an artistic flair, I always enjoy visiting Lessology's Blog to see what current challenges they have going on.  Right now, the challenge is "Window Display," using at least one upcycled product in your design.  Could my Wanderlust Window fit the criteria any better?!?  If you like upcycling materials in your work as much as I, you should stop by their blog for more details, the deadline to submit is June 1, so come play along!
Talk to you soon!