Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Little Monster is 3!

A few days ago we celebrated Sam's 3rd birthday in true monster fashion! I know I have an obsession with my children's birthday parties. I completely go over the top. From the invitations and goodie bags to the cake and birthday attire, I cover it all . My poor children fall victim to my excessive behavior when it comes to such grand events but they sure make for wonderful memories, fun and GREAT pictures! I typically plan the party theme almost a year in advance. Then, my mind starts reeling with ideas from what the theme will be to party colors and entertainment for the children. My mother and I collaborate and have a sometimes stressful but great time doing it. She bakes the cake, and then we decorate it together...yes, another one of my obsessions...making fondant cakes. My mother and I have always dreamed of having a "birthday" business that includes every detail...almost like birthday planners instead of wedding planners if you will. In the future I might post images from the infamous Fred Flinstone & Sam I Am Green Eggs and Ham parties just to name a few. Enjoy some of these sweet images of Sam's party...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Little ROCKSTAR!

I created this layout using a design over at The layout commemorates my son Jack's 6th birthday party. His daddy is a musician and Jack has always had a love for music because of it. Since he was little, his dad and I said that he would get his first electric guitar at 6. To celebrate our son entering into the musical world, we decided on having a Rock Star themed birthday. Anyone that knows my husband and I, we go a little crazy insane on our children's birthday parties. I know it is a little excessive, but it actually is a lot of fun planning, creating, decorating, etc. At Jack's party we had all the kids come dressed as rock stars. We had lots of great dance party music playing and the kids had a blast. A few of the highlights were the life size "Pin the Guitar on Jack", as well as the dance off. Saylor and Lorenzo were amazing!

Make sure to check out the wonderful layout designs at