Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

I would like to wish each and every one of you a very blessed Easter tomorrow. May you celebrate the reason for the season with family, friends, and create many wonderful happy memories. :)

This pic is of 2 vintage lovelies my mother & I revived for Artifactory. Don't you just love that sweet sheep & bunny? I adore the way my mom added the perfect touch of millinery and velvet ribbon!

Thanks for stopping by! Check back tomorrow as I have some major exciting news to share!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello my beautiful friends!  Just wanted to share a new venture I have been working on behind the scenes, Artifactory!  What is "artifactory" you ask?  I must say it is a very cool word my brother came up encompasses everything I love...repurposing & redesigning old & vintage "artifacts" through clever transformation into works of art.  :)

My mother, is where my creative genetics come from.  She is extremely talented, and she has maddening skills with the sewing machine & painting/distressing furniture.  Her decor and holiday displays in her home are like no other.  Where my talent is lacking, she makes up for it.  We are a good team that definitely compliment each other's design styles.  From furniture & lamps, to home decor and unique vintage finds...we have something to offer many tastes.  Our dream is to someday open a storefront where we can sell our wares as well as teach our ideas and share our talents with the community.  Until then, we will be selling our vintage goods and creations up at the Rink Gallery in Bethany, OK.  We also plan on doing the Junk Hippy Show OKC in June.  This is definitely a bonding experience for my mother and I!  Not that we aren't already super close anyways.  :)

If you are up in the Oklahoma City area, you should stop by the Rink and check it out.  You will be glad you did!  Fellow Normanites, never fear as I hope to continue selling my antique windows at Tulips on Campus Corner!  Be on the lookout for Artifactory in the future!

Verdigris, a fabulous vintage store in OKC shared a wonderful quote the other day on Facebook.  I leave this for you to ponder..."We travel.  We collect.  We arrange.  We rearrange.  We mix the old with the new; the bought with the found; the passed-down with the picked-up-along-the way.  We create these beautiful little galleries throughout our homes that express our passions and curiosities to all who pass through.  And then, we start all over again."  Author Unknown