Friday, August 20, 2010

Dream A Little Dream...

Here is one of my newest creations. I saw something similar to this in an old craft magazine, and gave it my own "mosaic twist" if you will. The black frame is actually a deep window box. At the back I created a mosaic of dominoes, all vintage with varying color, widths and lengths. All the images I stamped onto the back of the dominoes are comprised of many different textures, patterns, and wonderfully inspiring words like joy, celebrate, believe, happy, cherish, imagine, etc. The word DReAM in the forefront of the box is very interesting. I wish I knew all the history behind the letters. All I know is that they are made out of some type of white ceramic/bisque from the late 1940's...they were sold at a chemist's estate sale, lots of vintage goodies from his lab that had been stored in a basement for decades! There were tons of numbers and letters for sale and I managed to buy most of them at $0.50 a piece; a small price to pay for something so unusually unique from the past...treasures I can incorporate into my work to give it that extra wow!

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Unknown said...

I love this! So cool that you stamped on the back of vintage dominos...Just a great creation!